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Sirekar Hulgi OÜ is an international wholesale trade company. Our main business activity is the import and resale of pantyhose, socks, tights, underwear, cosmetics, nightwear and beachwear. 


Our customers are retail chains, wholesalers and stores specialising in these product groups. We sell products to Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia. We also have offices in Lithuania, Latvia and Slovenia.

We are reliable partners to our customers, which is evidenced by our long-term cooperation relations, our exclusive right to represent carefully selected brands in the Baltic states as well as a constantly expanding market share and product range. Dedicated work has transformed what started out as a small two-person enterprise into a successful large company. We are deeply invested in the well-being and comfort of our customers as well as our employees. As such, we are constantly updating our work processes and are always grateful for any feedback.

The successful growth of our company and nearly 20 years of experience have brought 32 talented people into our team.



We help people feel fashionable and comfortable in any situation.


  • We are a socially responsible business – we are honest and caring towards our employees, who are our greatest asset. 

  • We are a reliable partner to all our suppliers and partners.

  • We strive every day to offer a first-class service, meet our customers’ needs, and create lasting partnerships with them. 

  • We are innovative – we follow market developments closely and implement new technological solutions.


Our company’s activities are guided by the following core values.

  • Lasting customer relationships – we value good relations with our customers and always try to accommodate their wishes in order to ensure a lasting and reliable partnership.

  • Sustainability – we value sustainable and responsible business.

  • Honesty and responsibility towards our partners – we value transparency, which means that we are always honest and direct in communicating with our customers, while taking full responsibility for the products and services we offer.

Business objective and attainment

Our business objective is to be the best textile product supplier in both Estonia and the whole of Europe. To attain this goal, we are constantly looking for new customers, while offering a wider range of products to existing customers, which also helps grow our profits and gives us the means for creating more jobs.

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