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Ljubljana, 20th September 2018


Press release

The famous Slovene brand Polzela will be further developed and expanded on the European market by the new owner, the Estonian company Sirekar Hulgi OÜ



The well-known brand Polzela has been sold to the company Sirekar Hulgi OÜ -  an international wholesale trade company from Estonia, which is one of the best textile product suppliers of Italian fashion brands in Europe. The company has the strategic plan to rebuild and further develop the brand.  With twenty years of experience in the Baltics market,  and the presence mostly on the eastern markets like Russia, Czechia, Slovakia and other markets,  they intent to develop Polzela as a strong, high quality  international brand. Due to the Sirekar Hulgi OÜ portfolio  of strong brands, Slovene customers will have better choice on the market in the future, because the company will start with the distribution of other international brands, such as Bellissima, Pompea, Selene, Jadea, MIMI and C.D.V. 


The company decided to purchase the Polzela brand based on their policy of careful selection of the fashion brands. They consider the Polzela brand as one of most prominent brands in the field of fashion socks.  Being very prominent brand in Slovenia and in the region, in recent years the Polzela brand has suffered significantly because of the production problems and the closing of the production facility.  With the new investor, the Polzela brand has received the protection and the means to be further developed as a high quality brand, strengthening its presence on the Slovenian as well as well as international markets. 


Strategically, Sirekar Hulgi OÜ has a plan to develop new categories of products, including a range of products targeted to youngsters, to retain high quality of products and to offer the products at competitive prices. Production will be held in carefully chosen production facilities in Europe that can guarantee a high quality of products. Sirekar Hulgi OÜ has an option to continue a part of the production in Slovenia if there is an appropriate business partner. At the same time, the investor intend firstly to rebuild the stores chain in Slovenia and Croatia and start to export Polzela products to the ex-Yugoslavia markets where Polzela is already well known and present as high quality brand.  Investing into the development of the Polzela brand, Sirekar Hulgi OÜ will at the same time cooperate with the best staff in marketing, sales and warehousing  of the actual Polzela Company.  


This investment is one of the first Estonian investments in Slovenia. It is a result of tight cooperation between Sirekar Hulgi OÜ Company and the Estonian Honorary Council in Slovenia Mr. Žiga Peljko. The investment is considered as the sign of the beginning of a successful cooperation between Slovenia and Estonia.

Polzela. Beyond Style.

Polzela is European manufacturer specialized in fine hosiery since 1927.

Polzela provides fine and precise hosiery manufacturing skills for demanding partners. It is impress with empathic R&D, excellent products and devoted service. Fine hosiery manufacturing partner to European fashion brands such as Falke, Wilox, Camano, Cronert, Socks & Fashion and others.

Polzela's why & how

Polzela grew from a sock manufacturer under the watchful eye of foreign partners. Throughout time it gained detailed knowledge and became expert fine hosiery and sock manufacturer. Polzela's main focus today is customers well being and upgrading their products with feel good functions.

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