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Töörõivad, aluspesu, sokid, tööjalatsid, lambid ja tööriistad.

Abstract Pathway


1999 – founding of Sirekar Hulgi OÜ

2001 – we gained the exclusive right to represent the Bellissima, Issimo, Bisoks, Delia Cosmetics and C.D.V. brands in the Baltics

2003 – we began sales activities in Lithuania.

2007 – we gained the exclusive right to represent the Pompea brand in the Baltics.

2009 –  we began sales activities in Latvia.

2015 – we gained the exclusive right to represent the MIMI brand in the Baltics.

2016 – we began distributing the Jadea and Primal brands.

2016 – we developed our own brands and the cotton sock collections Michael and Michelle.

2017 – we moved to a modern new warehouse space and office.

2018 – we began distributing Cat and Slazenger brands.

2019 - we began distributing the Polzela, Fila brands.

2021 - Opening of MIGLE Lingerie stores in Vilnius, Lithuania.

2023 - Opening of e-store


Sirekar Hulgi OÜ is an international wholesale trade company. Our main business activity is the import and resale of pantyhose, socks, tights, underwear, cosmetics, nightwear and beachwear. 


Our key customers in Estonia are Coop Eesti (Coop Maksimarket, Coop Konsum), Rimi Eesti Food AS, Maxima Eesti OÜ, SELVER AS, AS Prisma Peremarket, OG Elektra AS, ABC Supermarkets AS (Comarket), OG Elektra AS.

Competitive advantages

Our main advantages are our wide range of high-quality products and competitive prices. We value our customers and strive to offer our products in accordance with their needs. 

We have offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We have offices in all three Baltic countries, which allows us to offer lower purchase prices than our competitors. This also enables us to offer significantly better terms of cooperation to both our existing as well as our new customers.

Exclusive rights

We have the exclusive right to represent brands such as Bellissima, Polzela, C.D.V. , Jadea, Pompea in the Baltics.

Latest software

Our products are always delivered to customers’ stores on time as we use the latest software for picking orders. ​ We are always looking for new solutions that enable us to improve the efficiency of our processes so that we can continue to maintain the excellent reputation of our products, services and employees in the eyes of our customers and suppliers.

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